Special Education Advocate

Our team of experienced advocates is dedicated to helping parents get the educational services they are entitled.

Special Education Advocacy Services provide support and assistance to individuals with special needs and their families. These services aim to ensure that the educational rights of these individuals are protected and that they receive the appropriate accommodations and services they need to thrive academically and socially. Special education advocates work closely with parents, educators, and school administrators to navigate the complex legal and educational systems. They help to develop individualized education plans (IEPs), attend meetings and hearings, and provide guidance and resources to families. With their expertise, special education advocates empower individuals with special needs to access the resources and support necessary for their success in school and beyond.

We provide expert consulting services to clients seeking to navigate complex school education services. We are able to consult in developing Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs), write IEP goals, develop transition plans, provide consultation on appropriate curriculum and instruction, and provide guidance to build systems and structures in the home, school and community environments.

About us

 Our experienced team provides expert consulting and advocacy services to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients and their children.

We are professionals who work to ensure that children with special needs receive appropriate education. At our organization, we are dedicated to advocating for these children and their families. With years of experience in the field of special education in both the classroom, as a program specialist, working with behaviorally challenged people and as a parent, we will ensure that we represent your child and provide expertise advise to both you and those who work with your child. We understand the challenges that families face when navigating the complex educational system, and we are committed to providing them with the support and guidance they need to ensure that their children receive the services and accommodations that they are entitled to.  Our goal is to empower families to become effective advocates for their children, and to ensure that every child receives the education and appropriate services that they deserve.